Spooky Boyfriend #5

Rachel's Margarita Face

For S.M.

I heard you were living in a radio
as I was stuffing my nachos with countless
other kinds of nachos 

There were always carts
pulling away faces like yours
dragging roots across the carpet
like everything that circles / I saw your eyes
shudder / This kind of cat dares me /

And what's a below-average pineapple slurpee
supposed to mean, anyway / I pull my limbs apart
against the window
only to find this rain tastes so neon

We see some trees as tables
and as pilots
and as such noise 

The errors become a good thing
between you and me / Our submarine
pulls into Stockholm / like how that rain
meets that ugly between two poles 

I sit and consume red, green branches
more ordinary pieces of grass tangling in my guts 
So I live with everything / and wish
I was a shopping cart

Maurice Burford practices cryptozoology in a giant squid's den in Oregon. He has been published in various filthy bathrooms including NOÖ JournalCannot Exist, Pindeldyboz, and My Name is Mud, and co-authored (w/ Jess Rowan) the chapbook Prithee (Abraham Lincoln Press, 2009). In his leisure hours he cracks eggs and (occasionally) blogs at pandapandapandaalex.blogspot.com.